AccessCARE CLC (GR): Mastering Personal Care Formulations

AccessCARE CLC (GR): Mastering Personal Care Formulations

 Produced by Access Ingredients, AccessCARE CLC (GR) guarantees a reliable supply of high-quality components. This guide aims to provide insights into the chemical production process, offering information for formulators and personal care professionals who are interested in using it to develop new formulation projects.

Let's explore the synergy of these cholesteryl compounds and their impact on the personal care industry.

Understanding the Chemistry Behind AccessCARE CLC (GR)

Cholesteryl Isostearate, Cholesteryl Nonanoate, and Cholesteryl Chloride (AccessCARE CLC (GR)) are versatile compounds, each offering individual benefits that improve the texture, moisture retention, and longevity of products.

Cholesteryl Isostearate

  • Versatile Concentrations: Cholesteryl Isostearate is recommended for skincare formulations with the 1% to 5% concentration range. At lower levels, it introduces a light, silky texture, while higher concentrations contribute to a more luxurious sensation. In haircare formulations, the recommended usage may vary, aligning with the specific requirements of the product.

  • Optimal Usage: With a recommended usage of approximately 3% in skincare formulations, Cholesteryl Isostearate serves as a versatile emollient, improving the skin feel and fostering moisture retention.

Cholesteryl Nonanoate

  • Efficient Delivery: Thanks to its distinctive molecular structure, Cholesteryl Nonanoate facilitates enhanced skin penetration, guaranteeing the efficient delivery of beneficial compounds for maximum impact.

  • Shelf Life Enhancement: This compound acts as a stability booster, significantly extending the shelf life of formulations when used at recommended concentration levels of 0.5% to 2%.

Cholesteryl Chloride

  • Shield Against Microbes: Cholesteryl Chloride stands as an antimicrobial shield, fortifying skincare formulations with an additional layer of protection against harmful microbes.

  • Preservation: Functioning as a preservative, its capabilities contribute to maintaining the product's integrity, especially in formulations with delicate active ingredients.

The recommended usage guidelines play an important role in achieving the delicate balance when integrating AccessCARE CLC (GR) into cosmetic formulations. These guidelines are not merely suggestions but rather a strategic approach to optimize the benefits without any risk of overuse. 

Compatibility Across Formulations 

The adaptability of AccessCARE CLC (GR) enables effortless blending with a diverse array of cosmetic ingredients, offering formulators the flexibility to experiment with different product variations. Let's explore the impact of incorporating AccessCARE CLC (GR) in the production of personal care items:

  • Serums: This combination achieves a luxurious texture that enhances the delivery of active ingredients. The recommended usage for serums typically falls between 1% to 3%.

  • Creams and Lotions: With a recommended usage varying from 2% to 5% in formulations, it contributes to a rich, smooth feel and aids in moisture retention.

  • Haircare Products: Specially used in conditioners and styling formulations. The typical usage of these products varies from 0.5% to 3%, depending on specific goals.

Compatible Ingredients: Synergizing for Enhanced Performance

  • Peptides: Peptides work in harmony with AccessCARE CLC (GR) to enhance the anti-aging benefits. The recommended usage of peptides may vary, but typical concentrations range from 1% to 5% in skincare formulations.

  • Antioxidants: Complementing antioxidants like Vitamin C, this blend promotes stability and amplifies the effectiveness of the final product. Recommended usage for antioxidants, including Vitamin C, usually falls between 0.5% and 3% in skincare formulations.

  • Hyaluronic Acid:  The hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid are magnified when combined with AccessCARE CLC (GR). Recommended usage of hyaluronic acid in skincare formulations generally falls between 0.1% and 2%.

Synergy with Haircare Ingredients

AccessCARE CLC (GR) synergizes efficiently with various haircare ingredients, contributing to enhanced performance and efficacy in formulations.

  • Keratin: A key structural component of hair, plays a vital role in maintaining hair strength and resilience. Recommended usage for keratin in haircare formulations typically falls within the range of 0.5% to 2%.

  • Argan Oil: Its nourishing properties are amplified when combined with AccessCARE CLC (GR). This synergy promotes hair softness and shine, with recommended usage for argan oil ranging from 1% to 5% in haircare formulations.

  • Panthenol: Known for its hair-strengthening properties, complements the effects of AccessCARE CLC (GR). Recommended usage for panthenol in haircare formulations typically ranges from 0.5% to 2%.

Benefits of using AccessCARE CLC (GR) in haircare products:

  • Moisture: AccessCARE CLC (GR) achieves excellent moisture retention, preventing dryness and enhancing hair texture. The recommended usage, ranging from 1% to 3%, offers an optimal balance for effective results, ensuring the hair remains adequately hydrated.

  • Frizz Control: AccessCARE CLC (GR) contributes to frizz control, leaving hair with a smooth and polished appearance. At recommended concentrations of 2%. Ideal to provide a sleek and well-managed look.

  • Scalp Health: Its recommended usage in formulations targeting scalp conditions, such as shampoos and treatments, typically ranges from 1% to 2%, contributing to a balanced and healthy scalp.


AccessCARE CLC (GR) stands as a smart choice that synergizes seamlessly with other ingredients, offering a wide range of possibilities for creating different personal care products, such as serums, creams, lotions, and haircare products.

The exploration of its skin and hair-nourishing properties reinforces its status as a comprehensive solution for promoting hydration, combating free radicals, and enhancing skin and hair health. As we conclude this journey, we leave you with the knowledge to optimize your formulations, ensuring each creation is not just a product but a testament to the science and expertise within the cosmetic industry.

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