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Forget about endless calls and emails to find out if your supplier has a chemical ingredient in stock.

Stokkee will show you which of your chemical suppliers has in stock the chemical product you need.

Are you chasing your suppliers to know if they have an ingredient in stock?

Increase your productivity and improve purchasing process. Stokkee shows you updated inventory levels of your suppliers.

Who can buy chemical supplies at Stokkee?

Buyers from contract manufacturers to Private label companies and cosmetic brands use Stokkee to process their orders.

How is the Stokkee purchasing process?

Look for Chemical distributors and manufacturers of chemical products who have in stock the product you need. Purchase or bid for the ingredients you need and select the best choice.

Benefits to purchase a chemical online with Stokkee

Filter your target suppliers

Filter your suppliers according to the products you need. Save time and money with Stokkee’s marketplace.Filter your suppliers based on your distance and control your delivery times.

Negotiate the prices

With Stokkee, you can monitor and search for the best prices by comparing multiple supplier offers.


Use the Stokkee shopping dashboard to manage all your negotiations in one place.Find the best price by negotiating with suppliers in real-time.

Purchase chemicals online in real time

Identify suppliers that have the inventory of the products you need. Purchase raw materials immediately.

Establish credit terms easily

Share your history and establish credit terms with your suppliers quickly.