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Forget about endless calls and emails. Connect directly with chemical suppliers and manufacturers.

Geographic product search

Use the interactive map to find out who has the product you are looking for in stock. Buy or sell chemical materials instantly.

Connect with your customers

Stokkee connects customers and suppliers who are interested in closing a transaction for a particular chemical or raw material.

Buy chemicals online

Buyers have access to each supplier inventory in real-time. Optimize your supply chain.

Sell chemical supplies

Update your inventory daily and connect with customers who need your products. Increase your sales by selling your raw materials in stock.

Stokkee is the chemical marketplace platform for all types of companies.

A better way to find the chemicals you need when you need them. Our platform is the best solution for:


Need a specific ingredient for your next manufacturing batch? Stokkee shows you which supplier has it in stock. You can check inventory, filter by distance, negotiate price and buy from the platform itself.


Do you have products in inventory that you want to turn into cash? Do you want to expand your customer base? Do you have a competitive advantage in certain products? Do you want to expand your presence in other markets?
With Stokkee you can turn your inventory into cash, find new customers, increase sales of slow-moving inventory and improve inventory turnover. Create your online store, accelerate your inventory sales cycle and find and capitalize on market opportunities.

R&D scientists

Need a specific ingredient for your next project? Stokkee shows you which supplier has it in stock. Contact your favorite suppliers quickly and effectively.

archiveBuy chemicals products

Find and purchase the ingredients you need in real-time. No more endless calls and emails to find which supplier has in stock the product you need.

Real-time inventory

Do you need a specific ingredient to manufacture your next batch? Stokkee will show you who has an ingredient in stock.

Filter by distance

Filter suppliers of specific products by distance. Control your lead times.

Negotiate your prices

Find the best pricing negotiating with suppliers in real-time.

Efficient purchasing process

Buy the product you need right on the Stokkee Platform.

unarchiveSell chemicals products

Turn your inventory into cash. Find new clients. Move your slow inventory. Find and capitalize on market opportunities.

Increase inventory rotation

Improve the sales cycle of your inventory. Sell more and sell faster.

Reach to new markets

Position yourself in untapped markets or consolidate your position in current markets.

Control your prices

Sell faster your slow inventory with our bidding process tool.

Create your online store

Ask us about how to create your personalized online store.

scienceRequest samples for you project

Find documentation. Help your procurement team find reliable suppliers in the early stages of your project.

Order samples

Request the samples you need for your project. Once the product is approved, share your approved vendor with your purchasing team.

Find technical documentation

Technical Datasheets, Safety Datasheets… All the technical Documentation you need right at your fingertips.

Standardized search

Professional database search combined with e-commerce tools.

Expert supplier support

Reach out to your favorite supplier quickly and effectively.

Stokkee is the chemical B2B marketplace for everyone


Quick and effective transaction

Stokkee platform connects buyers and sellers in real-time. Easily find the best deal for both boyer / seller and close transactions.


Increase your sales. Increase your savings

Whether buyer or seller, Stokkee will improve your bottom line. Rotate your inventory faster. Increase your sales. Find better prices and new suppliers. Increase your savings.


Increase team productivity

Focus on what you need when you need it. No more endless calls or emails trying to find clients looking for your product or suppliers that carry in stock the product you need. Stokkee connects buyers and suppliers so you can increase the productivity of your team.


Access available inventory 24h a day

Increase your presence worldwide making sure you find the best opportunities for your company. Guarantee fast delivery of your purchases.


Work on the products that are your priority

Trying to move slow inventory or capitalize on your competitive edge? Trying to find a solid and competitive supply of products for your projects? Stokkee is the answer


Develop new projects

Integrate your R&D teams in your company cost-saving strategy. Work with R&D teams to present your latest technologies

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